Be a Better Graphic Designer 

Swinburne: Bachelor of Design
Format: Publication
Year: 2020
A project from a final year Bachelor subject called Publication Design resulted in a monothematic publication that focuses on topics of graphic design practices and eco-friendly methods and motivations. It features a curated collection of speeches, essays and articles from public figures and significant literature. To remain consistent and represent eco-practices relevant to the publication, the cover is made from a post-consumer boxboard, the content has been printed on 100% recycled Envirocare paper.

The book was handbound at the Ort Bindery using naturally dyed twine. Ideally, it would have been bound using offcuts of twine from other clients projects however, these offcuts were too short to be used. Pushing the concept even further it would have been ideal to print with vegetable-based printing inks, though it was significantly out of my budget.
Intermission pages between chapters (olive green pages), highlight climate change statistics. The orientation of this content slowly transitions from the left to the right, representing the significant change (180°) humankind needs to make to save the planet. Photographic work throughout this publication has been created from leftover materials, I have saved from years of design and art projects and will be continued to be repurposed.