Close the Gap 

Swinburne: Bachelor of Design 
Format: Posters + Train Vinyl
Year: 2020
Close the Gap is a research-led campaign as a final year subject in Communication Design Strategy. Equal pay has always been a controversial topic and this campaign aims to use that shock as a factor to capture attention, stimulate conversation and make a change. This project required to hypothetically choose a real sponsor (WGEA) and present collateral professionally.

I chose to create a link between public transport and the topic of “equal pay”. Statistics show that women with less disposable income who are more likely subjected to the pay gap, are more inclined to save money by taking public transport to and from work. Hence the campaign name “Close the gap”, is a play on words referencing platform floor warning signs “Mind the Gap”.
A series of four posters is at the heart of the campaign, these would be positioned around the CBD public transport hubs. Slogans such as “Her 100% isn’t worth as much as his. It should be.” and “We’re not sorry that you’re worth 15.5% less than him” are meant to cause a reaction in people, this isn’t meant to be a friendly campaign but one that motivates action and creates a change.