Kinetic Gen Type Sticker Sheets

RMIT Master of Communication Design - Thesis
Category: Generative Type Design
Format: 4x A3 Sticker Sheets
Year: 2022

The second artefact to my thesis question “How can Generative Design influence typography and transcend a digital format into a tangible setting?”, are series of sticker sheets. The Kinetic Gen Type sticker sheets materialise motion and kinetic typography which is a dominant genre within Generative Design. Utilising unique animation methods, I was able to combine 5 generative variants of the same letter to create animated type without the presence of a screen. 

Inspired by Letraset sheets, 4 A3 sticker sheets were created; weight, line, bubble and pixel variables, each with a different animation style. By placing the letters in any direction on a surface and moving the animation sheets (striped sheet) across the letters whether horizontally or at an angle, further generative forms are created.